American Dad Da Flippity Flop Review



After last weeks amazingly dramatic episode ‘ Lost In Space’ aired with a perfect cliff hanger for the shows 150th episode, I kind of wished it had been in this episodes place instead. That’s not the shows fault however but the last episode had an epic feel while this was typical American Dad territory.


Klaus wants to go back into his old body after the C.I.A find it but due to Stan saying no to begin with, when they get there the body is decomposed. Klaus then attacks Stan and takes over his body, whilst putting Stans body back into the fish. There are many humerous moments throughout this simplistic plot device, including an elephant tattoo. 


Meanwhile in the B Plot, Rodger has set up a GYM in the attic and is constantly calling Steve to try and convince him to join. This is more funny than it sounds including an halrious messaging machine montage which is typical American Dad,building on the joke to the point of wackiness, but it works so well.


As Klaus used to be a ski jumper he decides to go ski jumping in Stan’s body, performing a move which is potential suicide as people have died doing it before. Stan takes over Klaus decomposing body and chases him, but ends up accidentally doing the jump a la The Simpsons gorge scene, only he falls, hard.


Meanwhile Steve finally decides to join the GYM only to find out Rodger has moved onto his next pretend venture in the attic, A Chinese eating establishment, which leads to an unfunny racial stereotype that is usually above this shows level of humor.


Safe to say the bodies switch back by the end of the episode and the status quo is reset. The episode is humerous smart and witty and doesn’t drag. The jokes feel fresh and are mostly hit. Not as dramatic as ‘Lost In Space’ but standard American Dad fayre, which is miles above anything Family Guy or The Simpsons have come up with recently.


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